The Best Summer Salads

Have you ever experienced a Mississippi Summer? Even growing up in Louisiana I felt like the Summer’s weren’t this bad. Maybe I’m just a little jaded now, or maybe that’s because as a grown adult its no longer acceptable to wear your bathing suit everywhere. Either way.. it’s hotter than grits outside.

The thing is it’s not even the actual temperature, it’s the humidity. Just stepping outside somedays can be draining when you feel like you could literally cut the air and that moving through it takes work. We also are in Summer for about 7 months out of the year so the end of this heat is a about as clear as these foggy Summer mornings.

But less complaining and more rejoicing! On the bright side.. that means more time for refreshing Summer meals using fresh farmer’s market produce! These salads are on constant rotation in our house. They are so easy to grab from the fridge to serve as a side, snack, or even main meal. They all use produce and ingredients that we generally have on hand in the Summer so they’re super easy to whip up!

Don’t tell the others but my favorite is the Sunny Watermelon Salad! The combination of the sweet watermelon, tangy balsamic vinegar, and yummy mozzarella can’t be beat! Also, we’ve tried every variation of the corn salad and this is our favorite with fresh, raw corn. Try one out and let me know your favorite! Stay cool my friends!

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