Harvest Charcuterie

Family Charcuterie now happens about twice a month in our house. Usually they wreak of weeknights and are super paired down (aka a glorified sandwich night) which I love because it’s so easy to prepare and the kids love too because it’s a board piled with all their favorites.

A typical weeknight charcuterie around our house.

Recently the weather’s changed and has been feeling uncharacteristically Fall-like for the South so we decided to embrace it and make a full on harvest charcuterie.

To make it healthier: look for cured meats that are nitrate-free (organic if possible) and seasonal, organic produce.

To make it simpler: get bread you can crisp quickly in the oven and stop at a local grocery rather than big box, they have a lot more variety and embrace the leftovers! We’ll break this big board up and use part of it with lunches/dinners all week!

If you’re local, just head to Rouses for the whole spread and if you’re a charcuterie enthusiast then you need this huge lazy susan barrel board. It was a wedding gift and we’ve used it faithfully since!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Two types of cured meats:

We go for salami+prosciutto

-A few different types of crackers:

One plain to blend well with big flavors, a hearty seeded kind, and funky new brand or combo you haven’t tried

-At least three different types of cheese:

herbed goat cheese, brie, colby jack (because kids), pepper jack

-A variety of seasonal produce:

black plums, pomegranate, grapes, blueberries, fresh figs


roasted or candied pecans or pumpkin seeds, or even a fall trail mix

-Fresh bread


-Pumpkin butter

Pretty much the most important component to make an authentic harvest charcuterie. You can also add fig preserves if you prefer!

The flavor combination you really need to know about here:

Freshly toasted bread, thin layer of herbed goat cheese, prosciutto, topped with thinly sliced apples. Thank me later.

I can’t wait to see yours!

Bon appétit!

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