Fall Outdoor Activities for Kids; Ending 2020 Well

2020 has been a wild a year. A lot of unknowns and incredibly hard things. But when counting the hard, I can equally count the blessings.

So much growth.

Personally and as a family we have a much deeper discernment of how we want to spend our time and the things we want to do together. At the top off that list is quality, meaningful time, often outside!

Before we wish away the last of 2020, what if we approached it with a renewed grit and determination to live it well? To slow down, breathe in the fresh crisp air of Fall, and spend time with the ones we love.

If you’re looking at the next few weeks ahead booming with holidays and family opportunities, I hope we can look at them with anticipation of connection and excitement of time well spent.

Grab your kids, get outside, and pick up one of these fun Fall activities when you do!

Daytime activities:

1. Fall specific scavenger hunt

check out this list of scavenger hunts you can choose from according to your child’s interests and age level or this fun color match hunt.

2. Collecting the colors of Fall:

We made ombre art after our scavenger hunt (mama enjoyed this one) All you need are a variety of Fall leaves, a piece of paper and either double sided tape or packing tape folded over!

3. Pine cone bowling
4. Painting acorns or pine cones:

I got this idea from a friend at Gulf Coast Mom and the kids had so much fun.

5. Take the kids fishing or on a local trail!

The Strava app and Hiking Project app are great resources to find trails near you!

Nighttime activities:

1. Flashlight tag or flashlight hide and go seek in the backyard
2. S’Mores by the fire

(Check out how you can make these in the microwave if you don’t have a fire pit!)

3. With the darker nights in the Fall, it’s a perfect time to stargaze with your kids.

Try to find the constellations or even point out shapes and animals.

4. Pack a Harvest Charcuterie picnic in the leaves or on the beach.

We are blessed to live right by the beach, so we can go all year long! Most people don’t think to go to the beach when the weather changes so it’s much less crowded. Bundle up and bring a blanket or head the park and let your kiddos play and eat!

5. Go camping in the backyard!

Don’t have a tent? Build a fort for an afternoon/evening exploring.

This year especially clinging to family and the things you do have control over like creating meaningful time with them is more important than ever. I hope that these fun activities can be a starting point for you and your family to end 2020 feeling more connected.

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