10 No Shop Christmas Crafts and Activities

One of my favorite things about the structure of my job in the school system is how family friendly it is. I love that we can spend a full week together at Thanksgiving and even more time at Christmas to recharge and take a collective deep breath.

With this extra time, we like to do activities together as a family and if you know us then you probably know that we try to be intentional about getting outside, spending time (and money) well, and being mindful of our impact on the world around us.

Check out this list of Christmas crafts that you can do this season with things you already have around your home! Cutting out shopping for supplies means less time spent in the store, less money spent, less waste, and more quality time together!


1. Leaf Reindeer

Image from whirlybobble

Make it an adventure to find the leaf that looks most like a reindeer! These would make adorable homemade Christmas cards!

2. Pine Cone Christmas Trees (must drink wine)

Need: Your favorite red, green paint, and mini pompoms, stickers, glitter glue, etc!

3. Snowman Ornament with tree ends

While you’re out shopping for your Christmas tree ask them if you can keep your tree end or if they have extras! These make great ornaments that you can craft into snowmen with a little white paint and a drill to make the hole!

4. Nature Ornaments

Image from Little Pine Learners

We are big on any activity that brings the outdoors in. You can make this activity with cling wrap or tape and carboard. Make it an extra fun adventure and go on a nature hunt for these sweet little ornaments.

5. Twig tree Ornaments

You’ll need cardboard, glue, twigs, and string for hanging.

Cut cardboard into triangle and go on a hunt for thin twigs. Glue string at the top and twigs on cardboard in ascending order. Paint fun colors if desired!

6. Collage Christmas Trees

This is such a great way to clean out your craft drawer with all of those misfit items!

Interactive Play

1. Sensory Icy Ornaments

Image from Little Pine Learners

Make this with Christmas foliage or even fun figurines you have around the house. You can use a medicine dropper with warm water to melt the ice for your kiddo to uncover what’s inside!

2. Candy Cane Counters

Image from Abcdeelearning

This is the perfect craft to build a little structure in your day for your little learner!

3. Christmas Tree Pom Pom Push

Image from Learn Craft Grow

Don’t have pom poms? Make some with clay, play dough, or even rolling bits of color-coordinated construction paper.

4. Christmas Color Sorting

Image from Learn Craft Grow

Christmas season can take a lot: time, money, and energy.

Whatever activities you do with your family this season, I encourage you to make sure that they’re giving back. Whether they’re giving back to others or to you and your family in the way of moments together.

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