Hey y’all! I’m Emily.

Just a working mom on a mission of loving God and people well.

I started Her State of Grace in July of 2019, initially intending this space to be a resource on our family’s approach to mindful + cleaner living.

At first I had a heard time naming it. How we live our life and why I think it’s worth sharing.

Can I be honest with you? It’s absolutely nothing special. In fact, most days it probably looks like the opposite of an Instagram filter.

But I’ve found that’s actually good news for you and me.

The Lord so often uses average people right where they are to change the world.

He uses us to impact the people He’s entrusted to us, to show up in love everyday, and to live our lives with eternity in mind, right here in the messy middle.

For me, this has looked like the Lord showing up in the undoing of all of the plans I had for my life and I’m just here seeing what He wants to do next.

This is a space for heartfelt stories and Biblical truth, helpful resources and a safe landing pad for women and moms hoping to live out their faith in their everyday, ordinary, messy middle.

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