Her State of Grace

Hey y’all! I’m Emily.

Just a working mom on a mission of mindful living

I started Southern State of Grace in July of 2019, initially intending this space to be a resource on cleaner living. However, it’s really evolved to so much more.

At first I had a heard time naming it. How we live our life and why I think it’s worth mentioning.

Stanley, my sweet and boisterous husband and I have lived a good bit of life together and we’ve found a rhythm that really works for our family.

I’m a working mom of two toddlers (21 months apart) with a husband that works outside of the home, too. I’m a speech pathologist by day, and both a blogger and better beauty advocate by night. We’re busy people.

But we also care about how we spend our time, our health, and each other. We feel deeply called to what we’ve named “mindful living”. Here you’ll find a busy family committed to living the moment in front of us well, you’ll find no-fuss healthier family recipes, and approachable cleaner living.

My desire is that this space would be a no-frills resource for you so that you can live mindfully, too.

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