Her State of Grace

Cleaner Living

I’ve gone for the more ‘natural’ option since I can remember. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I discovered what natural, cleaner, healthier living actually meant and how to carry that out with my own family.

Holiday Gifting with Beautycounter

Over the years I’ve found that people really love both gifting and receiving gifts that have a mission or meaning behind it. Beautycounter is the perfect gift because of the brand’s mission but also because of the quality and performance. The holiday collection this year has something for everyone on your list (including something for […]

Breast Cancer Prevention Month; What I learned from getting a mammogram at 28

Breast Cancer Prevention Month has been a month of reflection and education for me over the last few years. I’m someone that deeply values education and also feel pulled to share what I learn with the people I care about (Hi, you). This month is a little different. It started one weekday when I woke […]

Current skincare + products that are making my dull skin glow

I have never seen such significant changes in my skin since the last year of caring for it. It’s truly amazing what can happen when you find products that are wholesome, good for you, and actually work for your skin’s very specific needs. I would describe my skin type as normal with a (use to […]

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