Southern State of Grace


If you know me, then you probably know that my faith is something that’s deeply important to me. The funny thing is, I’m a naturally fearful person and it’s a daily struggle for me to live in faith. This is something that I think God blessed me to struggle with. Here you’ll find struggle, transparency, and acceptance on our family’s journey pursuing faith.

The Truth about Resilience

“Love where you are. Know where you’re going.” I polled my people the other day to get a temperature check on how everyone is doing in this time. I like to do this periodically, usually when I need it the most, and all of the same needs and prayers came flooding in. I quickly realized […]

Joy While We Wait.

This is it. The part that I realized just how different things are. (As if preschool lessons, virtual IEP meetings, and not leaving the house for the past 25 days wasn’t enough).⁣⁣I choked up watching her take her ballet class over an app. Right there, everything felt so abnormal.⁣⁣Balance, normalcy⁣⁣(What even is normalcy, by the […]

Focusing our Mama Hearts this Lent

Growing up in South Louisiana almost everyone celebrated Lent. Moving to the Mississippi Gulf Coast the culture is very similar. Not everyone is Catholic but most Christians around here participate in the season, too, whether it’s attending a local fish fry, participating in meatless Fridays, or fasting from something. Needless to say, Lent has consistently […]

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