If you know me, then you probably know that my faith is something that’s deeply important to me. The funny thing is, I’m a naturally fearful person and it’s a daily struggle for me to live in faith. This is something that I think God blessed me to struggle with. Here you’ll find struggle, transparency, and acceptance on our family’s journey pursuing faith.

Overcoming Analysis Paralysis; Free Seven Day Guide

This resource has been a long time coming. I originally created it years ago after finding I had been in a pretty constant state of semi-conscious living for most of my life. I have always been a thinker, I appreciate intentionality and learning. All seemingly good traits but coupled with life demands, overdoing it, or…

Preparing Your Child’s Heart for School; free PDF guide

This guide is meant for your child will walk away knowing where to turn to for help (you and scripture), that they feel equipped with specific scripture to navigate the school year, and that they have deeper insight into who God is and how He shows up for them and through them.

Spiritual Seasons: Rejoicing in Winter

God often speaks to me in themes. I’d like to think this is God’s way of flashing a big marquee sign to make sure He hits His point home. Something that’s continued to come up for me is spiritual seasons. Genesis 8:22 tells us of the seasons of this Earth, how God promises that nature…

Struggling Well This Lent

Practical ways to make Lent count this year and bring your family alongside you.

The Truth about Resilience

When Paul described his afflictions as “light and momentary troubles” he had been shipwrecked, beaten to near death, starved and imprisoned. I’d venture to say that none of these singular events much less the accumulation of all of them would seem light and momentary to anybody today.

This pandemic doesn’t seem light and momentary.…

Joy While We Wait.

This is it. The part that I realized just how different things are. (As if preschool lessons, virtual IEP meetings, and not leaving the house for the past 25 days wasn’t enough).⁣⁣I choked up watching her take her ballet class over an app. Right there, everything felt so abnormal.⁣⁣Balance, normalcy⁣⁣(What even is normalcy, by the…

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