As a working mom with two young kids, I’ve had to learn a lot about the parent I want to be. It’s never perfect and requires an extra dose of grace but I’ve come to desire being famous in my own home, and for everyone in my home to be truly known, seen, and discipled to first before going out in the world.

Preparing Your Child’s Heart for School; free PDF guide

This guide is meant for your child will walk away knowing where to turn to for help (you and scripture), that they feel equipped with specific scripture to navigate the school year, and that they have deeper insight into who God is and how He shows up for them and through them.

I have my masters in Speech Language Pathology and I take my kid to speech; but that’s not the point.

I studied communication disorders in undergrad, have my masters in speech language pathology and I’ve worked with children with communication disorders for the last six years and I take my kid to speech. Our son was always just a little behind the developmental milestones for speech.  His first words came around 14 months and his […]

Family Day at The Mississippi Aquarium

Living on the Coast, our kids are completely obsessed with aquatic animals so when we heard an aquarium was coming to town, we we couldn’t wait to plan a visit! The Mississippi Aquarium is pretty new and it came through for a pretty incredible family day! Between the exhibits and shows, exploring the grounds and […]

10 No Shop Christmas Crafts and Activities

Check out this list of Christmas crafts that you can do this season with things you already have around your home!

Fall Outdoor Activities for Kids; Ending 2020 Well

2020 has been a wild a year. A lot of unknowns and incredibly hard things. But when counting the hard, I can equally count the blessings. So much growth. Personally and as a family we have a much deeper discernment of how we want to spend our time and the things we want to do […]

Holiday Gifting with Beautycounter

Over the years I’ve found that people really love both gifting and receiving gifts that have a mission or meaning behind it. Beautycounter is the perfect gift because of the brand’s mission but also because of the quality and performance. The holiday collection this year has something for everyone on your list (including something for […]

Breast Cancer Prevention Month; What I learned from getting a mammogram at 28

Breast Cancer Prevention Month has been a month of reflection and education for me over the last few years. I’m someone that deeply values education and also feel pulled to share what I learn with the people I care about (Hi, you). This month is a little different. It started one weekday when I woke […]

Approaching Your Family’s Nutrition When you Have Struggled with Disordered Eating

I’ve put off sharing this for so long because honestly I just didn’t really know how to say it. The more I share meals and our family’s approach to nutrition the more I feel like I’m almost hiding something. Somehow I still don’t exactly know what to say but I feel like a little backstory […]

Family Pizza Night

The kiddos love to help me in the kitchen. The truth? Sometimes it not always as fun for mama as it is for them. It can be hard to navigate wanting to experience that time with them, wanting them to feel included, and making sure the dinner isn’t burned and all limbs are still attached […]

Joy While We Wait.

This is it. The part that I realized just how different things are. (As if preschool lessons, virtual IEP meetings, and not leaving the house for the past 25 days wasn’t enough).⁣⁣I choked up watching her take her ballet class over an app. Right there, everything felt so abnormal.⁣⁣Balance, normalcy⁣⁣(What even is normalcy, by the […]

Plant-Focused Eating

Plant-based, vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian, lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian, carnivore, omnivore, paleotarian, pollotarian, fruitarian, raw foodie. Sheesh! Even coming up with this list is enough to make my head spin. There are so many classifications for the way people choose to eat. This doesn’t even touch on the smaller categories like ketogenic, paleo, whole30. My husband and […]

“Mama Tried”

This morning, as I sit down and try and figure out my thoughts on this topic I couldn’t help but think of ole Merle and one of his bests, “Mama tried”. As women, we are innately wired to care so deeply and to try so hard in everything and with everything.. sometimes to the point […]

Hi friends!

Gosh I can hardly believe I’ve started this thing. As I sit here my cheeks are sore. I mean like really sore. As I’m navigating this new journey, something that I feel I have been called to do for a long time, but still feel all the nervousness/excitement/joy/complete terror my cheeks are sore. I realize […]

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