Overcoming Analysis Paralysis; Free Seven Day Guide

This resource has been a long time coming. I originally created it years ago after finding I had been in a pretty constant state of semi-conscious living for most of my life. I have always been a thinker, I appreciate intentionality and learning. All seemingly good traits but coupled with life demands, overdoing it, or the motivation being ever so slightly out of place can quickly turn into a toxic spiral.

I went through a pretty dark and difficult season somewhat recently which I touch on more in this guide. Something that time provided me was the ability to plainly see the space that overthinking created between me and the Father.

It’s the perfect amount of space for the enemy to set up camp in our minds.

Thankfully I came out of that season closer to God and my family than I had ever been. I had new perspective and tangible tools.

If you’re like I was; feeling paralyzed by overthinking most situations and foggy from this constant state of analysis; if you have a desire for God’s will for your life and His glorification, this guide is for you.

My prayer is that you would follow along , this guide in hand for seven days. I pray you plug in as you become closer to God and the people you love. I pray you experience the increased clarity and peace in your day.

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