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Over the years I’ve found that people really love both gifting and receiving gifts that have a mission or meaning behind it. Beautycounter is the perfect gift because of the brand’s mission but also because of the quality and performance. The holiday collection this year has something for everyone on your list (including something for your guy set to launch later this season).

The best part is each holiday set comes in such gorgeous packaging that all you have to do it tie a nice fabric bow on it and it’s ready for gifting!

Since I work with Beautycounter I’ve been able to try the whole holiday lineup so I can confidently speak on each one! Here’s a breakdown of what you need to scoop up for you or a loved one this Christmas:

My #1 pick:

The Ultimate Renewal Bath Set

It’s 2020. Everyone could use a little extra self care right now and this set completely delivers. It comes with a dry brush, sugarscrub body polish, and luxurious rosewater body oil.

Check out how I used this set for the ultimate at-home spa night including Deep Steep bubble bath here.

You can get the Ultimate Renewal Bath Set here.

For your Mom/Mother in Law:

Special Edition Cleansing Balm

This is many people’s “gateway drug” to Beautycounter. It’s a dry cleanser which means it goes on dry skin, it’s hydrating, removes makeup, can be used overnight as a hydrating mask, is the ultimate multitasker and during holiday is offered at almost twice the size as the traditional Cleansing Balm.

Get the Special Edition Cleansing Balm here.

For your sister:

Good Glow Body Duo or the All Bright C Serum

The All Bright Vitamin C Serum is our best selling product in the history of forever and your sis will thank you for the winter glow! The Good Glow Body Duo comes with the sugarscrub body polish and the glow illuminating lotion, perfect for glowing , hydrated skin during the winter!

You can get the All Bright Vitamin C Serum here and the Good Glow Body Duo here.

For your daughter, niece, or teen:

The Jellies+Winter Warmth Duo

The Jellies lip glosses are basically like a luxurious lip smackers that take me right back to 1999. The smell delicious, are a best seller every year, and have already sold out once, available in both brights and shimmers. The Winter Warmth Duo is perfect to help your sis have that Summer glow all year long with a cream eyeshadow and highlighter. Pair the two for the best little clean beauty kit.

You can get the Jellies-Brights here, the Jellies-Shimmers here, and the Winter Warmth Duo here.

For yourself:

Clean Deo+Golden Hour Palette

Our highly-anticipated, long-awaited clean deodorant launched this month and it’s SO good. It comes in a set of four minis, it’s refillable, and they smell so good! (perfect for you or your teen)The Golden Hour Palette is the ultimate give-back gift with a portion of each palette sold going toward fighting child and forced labor. It also has gorgeous buildable colors that compliment every skin tone.

Scoop up your clean deo (before it sells out) here and the Golden Hour Palette here.

For your hairstylist, kid’s teacher, babysitter:

*Gifting on a budget + snaggable sets*

If you have several people you need to purchase for, get a few sets and divide them into clear baggies with crinkle paper and a nice bow. It’s nice to give a variety and can help you save when you break up the sets (which range from $27-$40 per gift).

Prefer to shop by your budget? I have you covered:

Gifts under $40

Gifts under $50

Gifts under$75

Gifts under $100

Make sure you search for Band of Beauty when you shop and see if that’s something you’d be interested in. It’s basically like Amazon Prime for Beautycounter and the best part is you can get a freebie for you, free shipping on orders over $100, and 10% back in product credit to use for yourself!

We’ve already had some holiday sets sold out and with shipping cut offs being sooner this year (thanks COVID), I wouldn’t wait to shop!

For me, Beautycounter hits all of the things I want a gift to be, it has a story/mission, the products are high performing, and the packaging is is a show-stopper. When you give the gift of clean beauty you’re not only blessing the person with safe, high performing products, you’re educating them on the use of harmful ingredients in personal care products AND moving the mission of safer beauty forward!

If you’d like to be in the know on new product releases and promos, join my insider group here! Of if you’d prefer to start with a consult, you can fill out my form here.

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